A very destiel Christmas – english

Dean woke up and was terrified. Castiel sat in an armchair next to his desk and watched him. „Oh God, Cas!“ he squeezed out between pressed lips. „I watched over your sleep,“ Cas said dryly.

„I’ve told you to leave it!“ Dean bluffed at him. Cas was like, „I’m right back.“

Dean fell back on his bed. A few minutes later, Cas stood in the door with a large cup of coffee. The scent rose into Dean’s nose. Dean first opened one, then the other eye, and straightened up again. „That wasn’t necessary, Cas!“

„It was!!!“ Cas smiled at Dean. „Merry Christmas, Dean.“

„Thank you, Cas.“ Dean picked up the cup. „Did I tell you I hate Christmas?“

„Yes, Dean. Multiple times.“ Cas was still smiling. „But I’ve decided to change that this year.“

Dean shook his head. Cas, who was still standing at the foot of Dean’s bed, sat on the edge of the bed. „I will not depart from your side today and read every wish from your lips!“

Dean smiled, but still shook his head. „And you think, going to get on my nerves all day, would make, that I like Christmas?“

Cas put his head obliquely and looked at Dean’s face. „Exactly, that’s what I’m going to do.“ He smiled. Dean knocked on the bed next to him. „Then you will have to sit next to me.“ Cas got up, ran around the bed and wanted to sit next to Dean.

Dean raised his hand in a defensive gesture. „You don’t want to go to bed in your clothes?“ He wobbled his eyebrows.

Cas took off his coat, stripped off his shoes and took off his jacket.

„That’s enough,“ it came from the bed. Cas sat next to Dean. Both leaned with their backs at the high head end of the bed. Dean bent over to Cas and pulled the tie off his neck. And threw them on the ground. He opened Cass shirt slowly button by button. „I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.“ Dean grinned.

Cas looked Dean in the eye. „Why?“ He didn’t really understand what….

Dean leaned forward and kissed Cas on the cheek. Cas felt a sudden tingling sensation in his stomach. Dean got even closer. His eyes were left on Cas’s mouth. Cas closed the gap between their lips and kissed Dean carefully. In Dean, an unimaginable passion ignited. He deepened the kiss. Cas opened his lips and let Dean’s tongue in. Cas had hung a mistletoe branch over the bed overnight. It seemed to work.


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