Behind closed doors😉

(Trigger-warning: explicit describing of Sex)

There was no need for more. Cas took off Dean’s jacket and fingered at the tie. When he had the knot open, he pulled Dean closer to him with the tie and kissed him. He pulled down the tie and threw it to the ground. Then he slowly began to button up Dean’s shirt. He looked Dean in the face. He had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily. „Look  at me, Dean!“

Dean opened his eyes and looked directly into Cas’s. Cas, meanwhile, continued to open Dean’s shirt. Dean approached with his head. He wanted to kiss Cas. Cas shook his head. „First the shirt.“ He pulled it out of his waistband and opened the last button. As he stripped it over Dean’s shoulders, he kissed his neck, his collared leg, walked on to the sternum and kissed further down. Dean gasped, his chest lifted and lowered, his stomach driving carousel. Cas shoved his tongue into Dean’s belly button. Dean thought he was jumping. „Cas, please.“ Cas sat upright again. Dean took his face in his hands so he couldn’t escape again and kissed him furiously. He wanted everything and he wanted it now. He tugged at Cas’s tie, pulled him off and dropped him. He couldn’t control himself for a second. He ripped on Cas’s shirt so the buttons popped up and pulled the jacket and shirt in a swing over Cas’s shoulders. He kissed him in the womb, on the sternum, licked his nipples and bite into it. Cas jaulted. He didn’t care. He pushed Cas backwards on the couch and pushed himself on him. He kissed him wildly and probably scratched his skin. He didn’t care either. He was tough, he was hot and he was kind of ready. He rubbed  his length on Cas’s thighs. He didn’t know how to go on and wanted so much more. „Cas, help me,“ he quiped.

Cas pushed Dean away. „Let me go up!“ He was just as tough and wild now and wanted more of it. He opened Dean’s belt, trouser button and zipper. He carefully shoved two fingers under the waistband of Dean’s boxer shorts. Dean was tough and wet. Cas pulled his pants and shorts off his hips, pushed it down his legs and got rid of it. He looked at the naked Dean. „You are so beautiful! So hot! So incredibly sexy!“ He stroked his hands over Dean’s muscular legs, caressing the inside of his thighs. Dean moaned. He took Dean’s length in one hand, with the other he wandered further across his stomach, to his chest. He began to stimulate Dean and tweaked him into one of his nipples at the same time. Dean moaned. „I’m about to, Cas. I almost can’t hold it anymore.“

„Wait,“ Cas quiped. He withdrew from Dean and got rid of his pants and boxer shorts. Dean soaked up every inch of his body with his eyes open. ‚Oh my God. He had sex with a man, he had sex with Castiel‘ he thought he was still with him when Cas pushed himself on him. Cas now completely covered Dean’s body. He rubbed himself against him. His tail pressed against Dean’s hardness. Both were wheezing. Cas shoved a hand between her two bodies and covered both lengths. Dean moaned again. „Oh yes.“

Castiel rubbed them both to orgasm. Dean roared, Cas biting his lower lip. They poured themselves into infinite relief. Dean shrugged as if his body wanted to squeeze out the last millilitre of sperm. Cas slowly relaxed and came to lie down on Dean. Dean was breathing heavily. „Cas. Cas, air!“ Cas leaned on his arms. „Sorry.“ He was still wheezing himself. Dean grinned all over his face. His skin glowed. He was, yes, what? He was happy! Cas slowly straightened up. „Bathroom?“

Dean nodded approvingly. „Hm-mh. One moment.“ Cas got up so Dean could move. Dean carefully rose from the couch. He took his shirt off the floor and roughly wiped off his and Cass’s belly…

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