David F Edwards

Despite the deaths of both Robert and Patricia Turner, former leaders of the group, there are still many OCS members in the country. These seem to function as individuals rather than group members. However the egregore behind the Order is still as strong as ever and is always worth investigating.
A memorial to  both  Robert and Patricia Turner appears under the title line at more.……Publications for Sale
 All of my life I have been interested in the occult, especially with regard to ceremonial magic and the Western Esoteric Tradition. In 1960 I met Robert Turner whose interest was as strong as mine. We each developed along different but complimentary paths, joining various organisations, both gaining knowledge and experience until we felt confident enough to form our own group in Wolverhampton in the late 1960s.

This was The Order of the Cubic Stone (O.C.S.)whose motto is ‘Wisdom is the Father of Power’. In many ways it was loosely based on the organisation known as The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, adapted for ceremonies equally as structured but for smaller groups of initiates. There was a full system of initiated grades with an inner egregore reaching out into spiritual realms of wisdom and inspiration.

Robert and I evolved a graded teaching system with lectures, ritual meetings, both seasonal and developmental.  At evening lecture occasions, there was always a talk by both of us. To satisfy this need  we wrote many papers, printed and published our magazine, The Monolith, various booklets which we later developed into commercially published books.  A particularly example was my book ‘Dare To Make Magic’ originally published by Rigel Press. Several of Roberts works have also been translated into various languages.

 No longer an active member of the O.C.S. I still associate with members who share the same overall principles and contacts.  My interests have diversified from large scale ritual and the complexities of The Enochian System of Magic, upon which the Order has done a great deal of research, towards a smaller but equally potent stream of magic, loosely known as the Annals of Time and Space.

Francis King in his book Ritual Magic in England, writing about the poor quality of many modern magical groups, says „There are exceptions to the mediocrity, the most notable of them being the Order of the Cubic Stone which operates in Wolverhampton.“ He continues favourably with further details including an example of a complex initiation ceremony experienced by Robert Turner during his initiation into the grade of Adeptus Minor.

In this website,  many articles draw on the egregore of the OCS and from which spiritual contacts may be found. Ritual material  is also a useful means of contacting inner plane sources. 

nb.  An erroneous article about the Order of the Cubic Stone circulating on the internet  says the society was formed in the 1930s. Neither Robert nor myself were born at this time!
I am always interested in hearing from serious initiates and genuine seekers and can be contacted on

​This revolves around the elemental cube of tradition – also linked to the Enochian System of Magic. Each side relates to one of the four elements. The black cross represents Earth, the blue cross with the numbers and letters of B 6 and 4 B is Water, a yellow tau cross is Air and a red circle or oval shape with rays emanating from it relates to Fire.   Further details and  coloured  pictures of the cube can be found on my Flickr site at  where there is  an album called  Magical and Occult 1. Other magical photos are also included showing magical tools and insignia 

​Wisdom is the Father of Power is the motto of the group.    The entire image was always printed on  all OCS documents and rituals etc. 

Was a twice yearly magazine produced primarily for members but also available to subscribers. Its original format comprised gestetner printed sheets, in the region of  up to around 55 pages long.  Early editions had articles primarily by Robert and myself, with occasional items by Roberts wife, Pat. The joys of gestetner printing meant we were usually very inky by the time we had finished the production stages. As time moved on though, we found a local printer who was able to help us in production and the quality of the text improved dramatically. These were available at £1 per issue and available directly from the OCS.
Members were also given the opportunity to add short articles appropriate to the ideals of the society. Several items from hidden resources of the Order of the Golden Dawn often ex The Gerald Yorke Collection were also included from time to time.
No longer available from the Order, copies periodically appear on the second hand market through openings such as eBay. Should you see one advertised, they seem to sell quite well at considerable more money than those originally sold by the order. They are a good source of reference for  teachings by practicing occultists. 

With the progression of time, I have decided to include some historic facts about the Order of the Cubic Stone, its manner of operation, courses of lectures and papers presented to initiates. Also the type and style of ritual ceremonies performed by members, some of which were necessarily  restricted to relevant grades, will be listed. At this point, these will  be discussion points rather  than fully itemised procedures.
 As our experience and opinions changed, so the lecture programme etc was modified and adapted to suit members and personal knowledge. One reason for developing this page is that the egregore and thought forms associated with the OCS still exist. Discussion with similar minded friends may well help to awaken contacts within your own psyche.  A vast reservoir of knowledge and magical procedure is accessible by meditation and a search for the hidden contacts using symbols in regular use by the group and their adherants.
One of the earlier rituals developed by the group was The Ceremony of Corpus Christi which opens with the magus saying ,
„Brothers and Sisters of the Cubic Stone, join with me in this celebration of the Rite of Corpus Christi. On this day we revere the Sacred Entombment of our mystical founder, Father C.R.C. It was on this historical day that CRC entered the seven sided vault of the universe, upon the doors of which is written „Post centum viginti annos patebo“ or after one hundred and twenty years I shall open.. The doors of the vault are guarded by the Elemental Tablets and by the Four Kerubic Emblems. Magus of the Fires, what do the 120 years refer to?“…………

Midway through the ritual,  Key 1 from the OCS version of the Enochian system occurs where it is often the first introduction to this form of ritual for newcomers to the group. The ceremony continues with  purification and opening of the Vault of the Adepts.  Also included is an invocation of the Sun before the lesser Pentagram Ritual brings the ritual to a close and initiates present partake of the Elements. Despite being open to all initiates, it was a powerful introduction that always impressed neophytes.
After a brief period renting a small house in Wolverhampton, Robert and I moved to a much larger structure on the A449 close to the Stubbs Rd traffic lights. The building had two large bow fronted rooms facing the road ,the down stairs one being used for our library and lecture room.  The large bedroom  above this was our temple which, as well as standard magical ornamentation and colours, had one wall as an symbolic vault of the adepts. Although its hexagon decorated door could be opened, this was always treated as symbolic. Central to the temple was a full sized altar in the form of a cube and with the appropriately painted elemental symbol filling each facet.  The temple had a dark floor, on which appropriate symbols could be added when necessary. Up to 12 initiates could easily be accommodated but it was also comfortable for smaller  rituals with more experienced magicians. The building has now reverted to private occupancy, but a photograph  is in the photo album section. 

……“Say after me: I  (name in full) do most solemnly swear to honour god, my maker and to be obedient to his most holy will; to respect and obey the laws of the of the Order of the Cubic Stone. Unto the wardens of the order,  I pledge my loyalty. I also swear that in all my ways I shall be true, faithful and helpful unto my brothers and sisters of the  Order. Lastly I most solemnly swear to keep secret and never reveal to any one other than a brother or sister of the same grade as myself, any of the rituals and workings of the Order of the Cubic Stone. I swear this by my honour amongst mankind, my hope of the great life to come and in the name of god most high and I devote myself to utter destruction in the Waters of Chaos should I break this my most solemn oath.“
        Guide then draws invoking pentagram on the forehead of postulant, before  consecrating him with oil. The neophyte is then formerly welcomed into the grade and  the group continue the ceremony by performing the invocation of the Fifth Enochian Call.

Various dedications for ritual working were used by the OCS. The first one is for use with rituals such as those of Mars which are concerned with dynamic force , or for the protection of the Order or any one within it.

„Let the Order of the cubic Stone be a shield against danger from those who oppose us who serve in the Pathways of the Light. Let the Sword of Righteousness be ever guarding the Mysteries from the profane. Let the OCS be a dwelling place for those who serve the One True God and let it also be an abode of peace where no adverse force can enter. May the boundaries of the egregore of the Order be impregnable except to those who serve the One True God. Let the wisdom of learning be protected by both those on the inner and those on the outer levels of the Order.
Let our foundations be wisdom and let our strength be that which directs our wisdom wisely and in the service of the One True God.“               Amen

This next dedication is one that may be used when no other is relevant. It may also be used in conjunction with any of the other two dedications (not shown here) and is appropriate where the ceremony is one of benevolence.

„Let the Order of the Cubic Stone be a pathway to the light for those who seek truth and Wisdom. Let our hearts and minds ever hold before us the True Spirit of Brotherhood and Fraternity, remembering that although we each pursue our individual paths, it is as an Order that we work. Let us work as one for it is One whom we each serve. When apart from one another let us still feel and remember our brothers and sisters in the Order, for they each have something to contribute for the benefit of all. Let peace and harmony be amongst us, my brothers and sisters as we work together in the service of the One True God. Let our foundations be wisdom and let our strength be that which directs our wisdom wisely and in the service of the One True God.“            Amen.


LECTURE ONE                                                          LECTURE TW0
1. Basic principles & work required.                            Psychological aspects & factors
2. The Tarot, part 1, Involution.                                             Karma & Reincarnation.
​3. The Four Worlds & colour Scales. Tree of Life                 The Tarot, part two, Evolution.
                                                             INITIATION CEREMONIES
4. Kameas & Sigils, re Talismans                                           Discipline & responsibilities. Magical Personality. Robes.
5. Malkuth; analysis of table in 1st year book. Four                Ceremonial working from 1st Grade Book. part one.
    elements re Elementals.
​6. Goetia.                                                                                 Ceremonial working from 1st Grade Book. part two.
7. Travelling in the spirit vision using Tattvas.                         Astral Triangle. Four elemental grades.
8. Magical Weapons. Circle of Art.                                          The Tides.
9. Temple symbolism: An analysis.                                         To be arranged. dependant on progress of students.
10. The Gods of Egypt.                                                            Explanation of the Mass of Saturn.. General revision.
11.                                                           THE MASS OF SATURN      
.                                                            NEOPHYTE EXAMINATIONS  
Grade 2 = 9 Zealator SYLLABUS OF MEETINGS  (First year of grade)

LECTURE ONE                                                                 LECTURE TWO
1.                                 INITIATION followed by a brief exposition of 2nd Grade Book of Wisdom.
2. General principles and things to be observed                      Dogmatic Qabalah. The concept of the Divine Being.
    concerning the 2nd Grade.  Yesod.
3. Tarot Divination.                                                                   Chain of Force re Egregores
4.                                  RITUAL FOR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.
5. Grimoires.                                                                             The Unwritten Qabalah. Emphasis on 2=9 Rituals and
                                                                                                  benefits to be obtained.
6. Use of Archangelical Force with particular regard                The Ceremonial aspects of the Second Grade Book of wisdom.
    to Gabriel.
7. Geomancy.                                                                           The Elemental Kingdoms.
9. Thought forms and Artificial Elementals with regard             Harmony of the Spheres, with reference to Divination.
    to Divination.  
10.The Egyptian Cosmos.                                                          Path Working (in and around the Astral Triangle).
11. Practical Talismanic Magic.                                                  The Seven Rays
12.                                 CONSECRATION CEREMONY FOR THE JUPITER TALISMAN.
 NB. All lectures will be biased towards the Sphere of Yesod and/or Divination.

LECTURE NOTES FOR 2=9 ZEALATOR   ON PRACTICAL TALISMANIC MAGIC      1. Recap of first grade lecture .
a. What is a talisman ?             b. Summary of construction of talisman.           c. Materials use with ref to divining with pendulum
and Talisman as a link.
2. Summary of Ceremonial method.
a. Preparation of Place              b. Exorcism and Consecration                          c.Conjuration of Talisman
d. Invocation                               e. Use and purpose of Talisman.  
3. Analysis of Jupiter Ceremony (Golden Dawn)
a. Preparation.                      b.Invocation into magician’s sphere
c.Invocation to sphere (ie Sphere of Tree)                     d. Purify and consecrate Talisman
e Invocation of AMOUN (Assumption of God Form….Assumption of Creative Power of God)  
f. Project force in sign of the Enterer and protect with Sign of Silence.            g. construction of body for Talisman.
h. Sign of the Rending of the Veil.            I. Close   (Appearance of light over talisman.
4. Analise Ritual in the Key of Solomon (page 40)  
5. Ritual from the Second Grade Book of Wisdom  (page 15)
6. Summary.
a. Use of sigils.                 b. Things affecting effectiveness :- effort, will, efficiency of ritual, oneself as a channel
 for force and the need to be in tune.                   c. Also to be considered :- The use of Talismans, means of concentration, strength needed‘ use of demonic forms,  Magnetic effect,  Channel for force to flow.
​                                                                 ********************************

Usually taught to members of the Probationer Grade

The purpose of these exercises is to amplify the virtues associated with particular images. The first instance involves the 9th Tarot Key of the Hermit as a god of wisdom. Here we are trying to assimilate aspects of our chosen form and to merge these with ourselves by assuming the generated magical image.

Start by drawing or painting the god or other character involved and have this in the room with you when performing this exercise. Alternatively the image from a book may be substituted. The larger the better. Then spend a while contemplating, assuming the same bodily attitude and trying to merge with the image. Take as a god of wisdom, The Hermit, and imagine it as a man wearing a cloak of dark blue. His right hand holds a lantern of wisdom while in his left is the staff. The easiest source of this image is obviously the appropriate Tarot Card.

Repeat the sentence from Psalm 105. ‚Thy word is a lantern unto my feet and a light unto my path.‘ Now imagine the light flowing onto your feet and, use this as a guide into the future, helping you to avoid any difficulties facing you.  Now mentally lift the light above your head to clear your pathway of any danger or uncertainty. Repeat the sentence from the psalm several times.

Them merge your awareness with the main figure of the Hermit and let the flow of inspiration, knowledge and guidance permeate your own magical personality.

2. Assuming the form of Osiris
There are ample diagrams of Osiris in books on Egyptology or in many magical books.

In some ways Osiris is the Egyptian form of Christ. Study the picture you have obtained, notice his clothing and any insignia. Imagine you are in the Shrine of Osiris with linens still wrapped round the body as though in a tomb. Here we have a symbol of resurrection and immortality. As you sit in contemplation, feel the white crown of the South on your head; in your hands are the crook and flair (symbolic of chesed and Geburah on the Tree of Life). In practice you may find it preferential to lie down in this instance.

Gaze out upon world with a calm, unwavering vision. In this place the Holy Silence of Eternity now envelops you and the True Principles upon which all manifested action can be judged are laid bare. No shadow of fear or desire can disturb this holy calm.

Nothing but Absolute Truth on which any judgement is made is present. Yet any contemplation is not based on Severity because it takes account of weakness and lack of opportunity. Neither is it based on Mercy that would ignore deliberately wrong doing.

It is the sentence of Absolute Truth and is therefore based jointly on Mercy and Severity. This judgement is said to be the best we can do within the limits set by our destiny.

This imagery is exceptionally potent. You need a very still mind to assume this god form. Be at peace before you begin and think deeply about any inspirational results you experience.

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